Season is a state licensed professional counselor with a certification in Applied Behavior Analysis. After earning a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Widener University. In 2005, she went on to graduate with a Master of Science degree in Mental Health Counseling in 2009. In 2011, Season completed a certification program in the area of Applied Behavior Analysis at Penn State University.

License No. and State: PC007760 Pennsylvania
Season's psychotherapy experience began in 2007 when she took on the role as an outpatient therapist at Northeast Treatment Centers. In this role, Season worked with a diverse population of individuals who struggled with symptoms of depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, trauma, abuse and family conflict. By utilizing treatment modalities such as cognitive behavior therapy, narrative therapy, solution-focused therapy and client-focused therapy, she was able to gain not only extensive experience in specific areas of mental health treatment but also have success with numerous clients who are still doing well today. Over the past 10 years, I have  increased my specialty in the behavioral health field by providing direct counseling and consultative services to an overall family systems model of treatment. By taking a closer and more introspective look into the way a person lives their everyday life and how they interact with others around them, we are able to learn more about areas that need further growth and commitment in creating positive change. Those suffering from developmental delays, depression, personality disorders or anxiety need a better way to cope with the negative and often debilitating symptoms of their disorders. Through years of research and practice, I have  become highly well-versed in first decreasing the problematic symptoms, getting to the root of the problem and aiding a client in developing coping skills to control the symptoms in the future.
Season has worked for Elwyn, a non-profit organization, working directly with children with autism since 2004 where she started as an intern in an after-school program and therapeutic summer camp for children on the autism spectrum. The passion for the special needs population grew from there and the opportunity presented itself to help start a wraparound program specific to the ASD population in Philadelphia in 2008.

Since opening the practice in 2015, the specialties have grown to include treating individuals with depression, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety as well as marriage and family therapy and court ordered co-parenting counseling.

The role as a clinical supervisor was rewarding and Season learned a great deal about managed care organizations and also the services lacking for the mental health population in general. After leaving her full-time job in early 2013,  she realized the next step was to create a practice where she could utilize her specialized skills and work one on one with clients who truly want assistance in changing their lives.